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Lessons About Graphic Arts:

Introduction to animated Graphic Arts
Introduction to making cartoons and Animation
Introduction to a Graphic Arts Career
Introduction to 3D animation with Blender software.

Animation guide for beginners = Start Here: Animation Tools and Basics

Free Cartoons:

Graphics by Jody Ginther ©

Very funny 2D cartoon: Eimblind And The Rats
Funny cartoon with simple art: It And Oop

Graphic Arts Gallery

Graphics by Jody Ginther ©

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3D Graphics
Fine Art
Artistic Photography
Animated Logos
Funny Photos
Animated Gifs
Animated Banners
2D Cartoons

Game Making


Free e-book for total beginners on Python 3 Programming
Making Games Free resources for making games
Free Python 3x code and modules
Introduction to Game Making
Python 3x programming tutorials for beginners Free Python Video Tutorials

Free Games

Challenge your friends to a game of Pool
You and Chinese girls play Mahjong.
Improve your Memory Game.
Remembering Sequences Game with Chinese proverbs.
Free platform game to download and share Planet Alpha

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